Concious Trend: Recycled Gold

Did you know that the in order to create a single gold ring one must mine 20 tons of ore? Add to that the cost of refining melting and transporting the final product and you got yourself the perfect combination for the most environmentally destructive type of mining.

If you are reading this looking at your jewelry box in horror, please be assured that there is much we can all do to redeem our carbon footprint, we simply must ask ourselves the right questions...What can I do to help? Do I have jewelry that I am not emotionally attached to that I have not worn in years?  By putting unused gold back in the market you are helping decrease the global demand for newly mined gold.

 Neha Inamdar put it best when she wrote -"Gold mining today resembles dismembering mountains more than panning for nuggets..." and 13 pounds of toxic emissions for the production of that same gold ring is just the icing...there's been avalanches of waste in Nevada, 2.5 million people's drinking water was contaminated in Romania, and soon enough a Pebble Mine Complex in Igiugig, Alaska will endanger one of the most abundant salmon stream in the planet.

Recycling gold is a good practice, we can do our share by asking jewelers to demand better mining practices, or jewelers that work with recycled gold and or vintage jewelry.


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