Tips and tricks

We have composed a list that we hope will proof useful to many people, if you do not see an item on the list please email us so we can include your tip to the list. Enjoy!

1.Keep the box: It is a good practice to keep the box of the toys and gadgets you buy so in the future when you decide to sell them you will have the original box to go along and this will make it worth more(applies mostly for collectibles and toys)

2.Keep them safe: as soon as you buy a cell phone, a camera, a tablet or a laptop the second thing you must buy is a case to keep them safe. The so call signs of wear(depending on the severity will determine how much money you will get back when you decide to sell them)

3.Register your product's warranty: as soon as you buy a new manufactured item, so if you end up selling them during the year or two within warranty it will count on your side. Keep the manual and write the warranty expiration on it, this will help you selling at a higher price.

4.A little bit of maintenance goes a long way: items displayed in cases still receive a fair share of dust particles  


Gold N Stuff is a Feasterville, PA based thrift store, we buy collectibles, retro gaming, antiques, signed art and lots more. Goldn' Stuff is on its fourth year in business and going strong .

Here's the 2014 MOST WANTED list for our store!

  • Gift cards and store credit
  • Antiques
  • Textbooks
  • Flatscreen Tv's




New extended hours into Effect Now!

Goldn' Stuff No longer buying precious metals 2/2016 

Tips and tricks