At Gold N Stuff we pay for electronics you no longer use and give you the opportunity to give back to the community by creating an affordable goods market for people looking for gently used electronics. Whether your old item is re-sold or recycled for parts, you are in fact preventing toxic materials from making it into landfills, and not to mention, adding a little extra cash to your wallet. 

Recycling has its rewards!

We at Gold N Stuff we are committed to providing a positive experience for customers, we want to give them a choice of a place that will treat  them with respect and their belongings with care.

We are NOT a pawn shop, we are NOT a consignment shop. We carefully inspect the items you have for sale, make you an offer based on the current market for those items and if you agree with our offer we give you money.

The recycling/re-sell process is quick and easy. Your potential for extra money to help with bills, to complete the money you needed for vacation, to help you fix "that thing that is wrong with the car", to go towards summer camp for the kids, or to simply have something on hand in case of an emergency is right in town.


Gold N Stuff is a Feasterville, PA based thrift store, we buy collectibles, retro gaming, antiques, signed art and lots more. Goldn' Stuff is on its fourth year in business and going strong .

Here's the 2014 MOST WANTED list for our store!

  • Gift cards and store credit
  • Antiques
  • Textbooks
  • Flatscreen Tv's




New extended hours into Effect Now!

Goldn' Stuff No longer buying precious metals 2/2016 

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